Welcome Juliet!

December 25, 2010
Namaste Juliet

Namaste Juliet

Good Morning Sacred Love

tomorrow is christmas
and then happy new year
what ever lives here in love
has nothing to fear

tonight opened early
joy’s presence so near
juliet is born
may god hold her dear

tomorrow is christmas
my love and my hopes
flow eddied in wonder
up steep icy slopes

may all who live easy
in harder days come
help others to be
in greater than sum

tomorrow is christmas
a sound taken flight
rings into this star field
a sharp blessed light.

Namaste Juliet
19:39 12 24 2010



June 28, 2011

an elegy to ChipperD Dog (ghost written by tiacouoe)

i sit alone on my porch and watch the world burn
to cover itself in smoking clouds as strong winds churn
this heart smolders, enshrouded in grief’s final stage
an old book read as monument to another age

where sticks unchased will always be
pick’d up and drop’d as if in glee
where swimming with such serious strokes
begins and ends in water’s scope

where nose pets on a knee are felt
as greeting from a spirit dwelt
in harmony as furry guy
in heart holds of this saddened I

a last truckride to a resting tree
an honoring in memory
of quite the chip off the old shakti
now fly home dog, you’re running free.

Namaste mr bud

i pretty much expect to be running into mr chip someday soon. i imagine he’s done with the dog group-field and ready to differentiate out therefrom and begin individualization rather quickly.

today i lost my mother…

January 5, 2011

(not really lost, but no longer here in configuration…)

byebye momma; fare well: ungrammatically correct in A##

a matriarchal irish tongue is stilled and in bardo bounding leaps
a motherless son’s eyes cloud away and thundering, he weeps
for father’s lost a mate of sixty-three years and seven weeks
for sisters and a brother who share together glistening cheeks

the words to trigger memories of growing solid life
are few and tinged with laughter and a stilling sibling strife
in layers comes unfastened and in gouts of drying tears
connect again these hearts in solemn joy of long lived years

toward those energies in motion and in memory’s delight
i send my heart’s full output into this momentary flight
of sounds of little import compared to the silence of love’s touch
as compassion embodied as configuration. I Love You very much.

Namaste Mother

GOM Poem I

July 3, 2010

we are all displaced coon-ass: GOM Poem I

take a tar-ball from gulf waters
plant it always where you wander
tender it in careful touching hands
as if it were a part of you

until it flames as flower’d truth
in ones and twos and thousands
to cauterize this foul’d ripped womb
greed-raped by stupidity’s groomsmen


pick what you will

July 3, 2010

whence comes chaos: coronach for paradigm change, in F major

expand these force lines of the heart
that wrap around from where it starts
and germinates, in love, these seeds
of what is brought by way of needs

bring from these echo’d thoughts in mind
what resonates yet does not blind
in patterned rhythms woven through
encapsulations of what is true

and of this sheath in which am I
entwined to root in full lit skies
to offer fruit in grace’d honor of
this world brought fully forth in love.


resonance’s fuller name

June 27, 2010

inhalation terrasana, pause, exhaled modality: G sharply, in repose

in what manner can i honor this change
with my words so paltry and sparse
a first garden’s effort under white suns
desert blown dry and spot seared brittle

water-borne diesel sharks show in mirage
circling as deformed vultures in a bruised sky
searching forlornly ground grown rotted
for clues to that play’s final act curtain.

this new fire envelops my heart lovingly
as earth does seed – coaxing into response
resonance’s fuller name to lick dangerously
close to combustion’s irrevocable edge

to bloom in dancing flame and flower
infold’d enticements as if in homage
to some unknown field hummingbird
flitting about tasting for life’s elixir.


exsanguination’s hot richness

June 14, 2010

only 10,000 more to go: coronach in D minor

where does one aim
a piercing truth
of a saddened heart’s
cloudy eye’d misted proofs
to do more
than enrage stone ground blankness’
of many headed hydras
sprung from our own greeds,
our own cherished local terrors?

is there one immortal head
one heart the beast hides
where fondly it caresses itself,
that uncovered will allow
exsanguination’s hot richness
to burn in kali-flavored joy
it’s pure twist of foul smoke released?

have all the arrows been broken
all the sharp tongue’d steel of fierce,
loyal hearts been beaten
and dis-tempered and bent
to self-inflict impotence
and it’s favorite sport
of blame the other?